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Diego Fedora


Born in Chula Vista, California in 1960, Diego grew up the son of a loving Polish/Mexican mother who indulged his early passion for music in every way possible.


Diego never knew his father, though it is rumored that he was conceived in the back of a 1947 Chevy panel truck outside of a Dick Dale show in Buena Park.


Although he grew up in SoCal, Diego never actually learned to surf and just like one of his heroes, Ritchie Valens, he never became fluent in Spanish.


It was his mother’s ambition that Diego pursue a career in the U.S. diplomatic service. She felt at that time that speaking any language but English would hold him back in that pursuit.


Instead, Diego survived high school by busking with a Japanese Telecaster and a Pignose amp and by waxing surfboards near Coronado.


Diego first started Los Pinguinos with some friends from Chula Vista High School in 1974.


The classic edition of the band formed when… “Diego was placed in service of the state of California in 1978 after selling psychedelic mushrooms to the daughter of the Chancellor of San Diego State University- who was later found dancing naked on a pier to Dick Dale’s Miserlou booming from a portable JVC cassette deck.”


At Chuckawalla Valley State Penitentiary, Diego met Eddie.


The rest, as they say, es la historia.

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