Eddie El Minion


Eddie El Minion Eddie El Minion was born and raised in Seminole, Texas.


His Scottish born mother died while giving birth to Eddie and his father was a Mexican born migrant worker.


Because of all the travel Eddie’s father did he thought it best that Eddie live in a stable environment and sent him to a nearby relative. Eddie was raised by an Aunt, Uncle and 12 cousins.


Eddie later dropped out of high school and was constantly in minor and not so minor trouble with the law. The one constant positive in his life was his drums.


Eddie's interest in surf music started the day he met Diego Fedora at Chuckawalla Valley State when his… “…service began when he was found by an El Cajon deputy sleeping in a misappropriated Ryder rental truck filled with Sony Trinitron television sets which had been reported missing from the local Sears store. Eddie was not able to produce receipts for said merchandise.”


Eddie has been the Los Pinguinos drummer since meeting Eddie in 1978 and since their completion of service to the State of California in 1982..

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